What We Offer

The integral management of the AAEW that we offer to our customers, is compound for the following services:

  • Consulting and Formation

Our specialists can accessory for a better optimization of your resources fulfilling all the laws around them. What’s more, we are capable to make speeches and environment formation courses for companies, associations and educational centers.

  • Containers deposit

We can offer different sizes and models containers, ready to be deposited in our customer facilities.

  • Recollection and Transport

Our vehicles fleet are authorized for the waste recollection with the code T-4618, from the Agencia de Residus de Catalunya, that allow us to make a fast an efficient recollection.

  • Decontamination and fragmentation

We retire all the contaminant elements for transferring them to specialized process plants and they are separated to different value fragments that would be reintroduced in the market as components and raw material.

  • Data Protection

We guarantee the brand and data protection, emitting a certificate with the destruction of the equipment and the data support.

  • Certification

We extend a certificate that guarantee a correct environment management from the waste law.

  • Valorization

We carry out a valorization as a result of our process, in which is valued the price of the resulting fractions market price and the recycling costs.