Our Facilities

In ACS Recycling, dispose of more than 7.000 m2 of facilities ( 4.000 m2 of interior plant, 2.500 m2 of closed exterior yard and 500 m2 for office).

The plant is strategically located, next to the highway in Sant Quirze del Valles, in the industrial outskirts of Barcelona.

This different areas are founded inside:

  • Classification and selection

Once the WEEE entrance is documented in the plant, is proceeded to separate the wastes for their later treatment.

  • Mechanic treatment chain

The WEEE treated in this chain are those with a low content in value materials. They are reduced in their size using a hammer mill adjustable to the different size of the waste to be treated. The next step is within magnetic separators, magnetics drums, focauld separation and finally a manual selection, with this process it’s possible to get the maximum optimization of the treated wastes.

  • Screens and monitors chain

Depending in if they are CRT, LCD or LED screens, they will be treated differently, making an intensive decontamination and separating the variety of fragments with a high recuperation value.

  • Manual disassembly chain

The handmade disassembly is done when the waste is easy to disassemble and has a high recuperation value.

In ACS Recycling we have the vocation to be the referent company in the recycling and valorization area of the WEEE in Catalonia.