ACS Reuse

ACS REUSE, is an ACS Recycling department dedicated to give a second live to WEEE, which once are repaired and revised by our technics, are reintroduced in the market. In this way we avoid the economic and environmental costs of their destruction and the treatment of the wastes that they generate, also satisfying the second hand market necessities.

From the approbation of the RD 110/2015 sobre aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos y la gestión de sus residuos. , as it is said in the Art. 30 Chapter 4 V.1 “In application of the hierarchy of the wastes there would be a priority to the WEEE preparation for their reutilization, their components, subassemblies and consumables”. The reutilization starts to be an obligation in the treatment chain of the wastes and all their participants may have something to do about it.

Without any doubt, the waste preparation for the reutilization is one of the keys for the circular economy, which promotes the waste decrease, the reutilization ant the commons recycling, changing the actual lineal economy of producing, consuming and discard.

Thereby ACS Recycling, turns into the first Preparation Center for the Reutilization of WEEE, authorized by the Agencia de Rsidus de Catalunya, helping the producers, dealers and customers of EEA satisfying the environmental and legal liabilities.

Likewise, through our distribution chains, we allow the access to the new technologies for social sectors with less resources, favoring the technology use to a bigger amount of people, either the direct selling or with donations to social associations.

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